Lunar Eclipse Contact Lenses (Pair)

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  • By Meg from Australia
    05 July 2014
  • Very good effects but opened vial and lens was torn?
    I really like the look and effect of these lenses. I am a first time buyer of coloured contacts. The colour is intense. You have some discomfort with wearing them the first time. Upon opening, my lens was torn as I left it to soak in solution! I have bought another pair. I do not think these are bad quality, I just think this is just by chance. These lens look just as they do in the video :)
  • By Meg from Australia
    04 July 2014
  • Great effect but tore on first wear!
    These look great! They are hard to get used to for first timers... Well for me anyway. I followed all instructions and precautions and one of my lenses tore on first few practise inserting and cleaning. :( I have resorted to buying a new set just for a replacement lens. I purchased these for horror photography.
  • By Anonymous from Kansas City
    01 November 2011
  • Winner of the scariest costume contest!
    I bought these to go with my halloween costume (vampire) and they were a HUGE success! Most of the people I talked to either couldn't look me in the eye because they were freaked out by them or couldn't take their eyes off me. I would highly recommend these contacts! So much fun!! I don't wear contacts, this was my first time with them, and I got use to them within a couple of days. Make sure you follow their instructions if you don't wear contacts. The only negative thing I would say is the shipping time is not accurate. I almost didn't get my contacts in time. I ordered them on a Monday and didn't get them until the following Thursday, the day before the halloween weekend started. Make sure you buy them at least 2 weeks in advance.