Solar Blue Crazy Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-128


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  • By Gideion from Missouri, USA
    10 January 2015
  • Excellent color
    After two days of wearing these I am starting to get use to them. The color stands out great, but the contacts are very light and flimsy. Which if you're new to contacts can make it a bit difficult getting off your finger and into your eye. Also the contacts tend to dry my eyes out, so it can be a little uncomfortable to wear, but as I said, they are becoming more comfortable as I wear them more.
  • By Flauro from Madrid, Spain.
    09 November 2014
  • Great choice.
    Great choice if you have dark eyes and don't mind if they look a little bit 'fake'. Comfortable to wear and quite beautiful, also long lifespan, i've had them for several months and still works perfectly.