How To Wear Contact Lenses & Temporary Lip Tattoos

How To Wear Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are easy to use and great fun to wear. However it is important to use and care for them properly, in order to protect your eyes and reduce the risk of eye irritation. Coloured contact lenses are safe to wear but if they are not used correctly they can cause irritation. Thankfully most risks associated with lenses are due to improper care, so you can eliminate them by taking the time to clean and store your lenses correctly.

These pages will show you how to insert, clean and store your contact lenses correctly. Contact lens care is actually very easy - it simply a case of keeping your lenses clean at all times. We advise all Four Eyez customers to read these pages before using cosmetic contact lenses for the first time. To use your lenses correctly you will need contact lens solution and one contact lenses case per pair of lenses. Along with a little common sense know how, that is all you need to use and enjoy coloured contact lenses safely.

How To Wear Passion Lips Temporary Lip Tattoos

To get the best look from your Passion Lips follow our step by step instructions and watch our video for great tips. Make sure you follow the instructions below for both the top and bottom lip.

Before you start make sure you have the following:

  • A Mirror
  • A Pair of Scissors
  • Cotton Pads/Balls
  • Water
  • Passion Lips
  1. Start off by wearing no lip products and making sure your lips are dry.
  2. Remove the lip template by popping it out from the stencil. Make sure the print side is facing towards you lips.
  3. Ensure you relax your mouth and align the top curve of the template to your own cupid's bow (the double curve of your upper lip). As you're pressing the appliqué against your lip, line it up and measure the width and depth whilst keeping your mouth open as wide as possible. Be sure to stay outside of your lip waterline (where your lips naturally stay wet inside your mouth). NOTE: If you are applying any of the Passion Lips Glitter Collection, make sure you keep your mouth in a relaxed 'O' shape.
  4. Once you're confident of your measurements, cut the appliqué using the guidelines on the back of the lips. Make sure you DO NOT cut or trim the top line or bottom line of the Passion Lips.
  5. Peel off the plastic film from the appliqué and place the sticky side on your lips making sure you keep your mouth open wide. Then using the cotton ball, gently soak the paper backing until it starts to slide off.
  6. Once the paper starts to slide off, seal and smooth out the appliqué with any additional water using a cotton ball. Wait 5 minutes for your lips to fully dry before applying any products over your lips as well as eating or drinking.

Additional Tips:

  • Before applying Passion Lips make sure your lips are free from any beauty products and are 100% clean.
  • Once you have found the perfect fit save the backing paper to use as a template for future use.
  • Oil will remove the appliqué therefore make sure you don't eat anything too greasy.
  • To ensure the best look for a long period of time use a straw to drink where possible.
  • Test any additional gloss, sealer or balm you wish to use on any excess temporary tattoo you may have left on your hand before applying it over your dry Passion Lips.