How To Wear Contact Lenses & Temporary Lip Tattoos

How To Wear Contact Lenses

Coloured contact lenses are easy to use and great fun to wear. However it is important to use and care for them properly, in order to protect your eyes and reduce the risk of eye irritation. Coloured contact lenses are safe to wear but if they are not used correctly they can cause irritation. Thankfully most risks associated with lenses are due to improper care, so you can eliminate them by taking the time to clean and store your lenses correctly.

These pages will show you how to insert, clean and store your contact lenses correctly. Contact lens care is actually very easy - it simply a case of keeping your lenses clean at all times. We advise all Four Eyez customers to read these pages before using cosmetic contact lenses for the first time. To use your lenses correctly you will need contact lens solution and one contact lenses case per pair of lenses. Along with a little common sense know how, that is all you need to use and enjoy coloured contact lenses safely.