Breaking Dawn Twilight Contact Lenses (Pair)

Product Code: CRAZY-25


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  • By turtlesgirl from Ely, nv
    04 July 2016
  • awesome
    I had a pair of these a yr back and I loved wearing them and freaking people out. I want another pair, and I would wear them for my ol man. I think he'd like them..
  • By Ofarja from West Sussex
    04 October 2014
  • Really cool
    I love these contacts.. The only little downside is that the center around the iris has gaps so my blue eyes shine trhogh the red but on a not too sunny day this will not matter X really comfy and arrive the day after dispatch x
  • By Twilight Lover from London
    12 April 2012
  • I will be a vampire this weekend!
    These lenses are amazing! I've ordered 2 pairs already and I'm sure I'm gonna get some more soon in different colours! Thanks FourEyez!